Leech Therapy​

Leech is a biological injection, it sucks up the accumulating blood and their spit contains an anticoagulant, hirudin, as well as other biologically active products. Leech therapy is used to assist the treatment of abscesses, arthritis, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, thrombosis and some venous disorders. Only licenced leeches are allowed to be used for treatment. 

Important to know!​

Do not use any perfumed lotions, shower gels, medical ointments or oils on the day before leech therapy session or on the day of your session. Client is to be advised to bathe before session-if possible. Do not consume alcohol or tobacco or any kind a drugs a day before your session and on the day of the appointment  as well. Please, do let know, if you are taking any blood-thinner medication (anticoagulant). 
After therapy, a leech bite will bleed for around 48 hours. During this time, the skin should be washed regularly to remove formative blood clots.

Local transient itching/ swelling and heat at the leech bite in the first few days after the bite is common and should not be mistaken for an allergic reaction, you should never scratch the leech bite, especially after initial wound closure because this will delay the wound healing. You might experience a slight enlargement of a regional lymph node in the area near the bite wound, also might experience slight fever or chills, it is part of the detoxification and will disappear on it’s own. Any hard exercise, massage, acupressure, reflexology etc should be stopped a day before the session and 2 days after it. Remember, you are starting a detoxification process and you might feel sleepy or drowsy, that might continue for few days and it depends on the severity of the condition, but it will go away as the body heals. Leeches are for single use and will be destroyed after the usage.



•    glaucoma
•    ischemic heart disease
•    thrombophlebitis
•    varicose veins
•    hemorrhoids
•    gangrene
•    cardiovascular diseases
•    blood pressure problems
•    hormonal disorders
•    joint pain
•    headache
•    women's hormonal disorders
•    impotence
•    insomnia

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How the therapy is carried out:


A leeches bite is a little bit more painful than a mosquito bite. Leeches are gently placed in the area needed, and allowed to attach and engorge (usually 30-60 min), after which they will release. The entire course of treatment may require 3- 10 treatments, depending upon the goals and rate of response. The leeches are put on in compliance with the weight of the client, maximum 1 leech per 10 kg. Leech therapy can be done 2-3 times a week.

Wound care:


Leeches bite marks bleed about 24-48 hours and it is normal to do so. The bite itself is completely sterile. After the initial wound care clean the bite marks with an antiseptic and cover them again with smaller bandages. Do not scratch, this is to avoid any infection! To ease the itch, you can clean the wound with rubbing alcohol, saline solution, calendula tincture or Traumeel salve.



•    anemia
•    hemophilia or bleeding
•    pregnancy
•    acute infections
•    high fever